Lara Croft: Where Your Guns At? (Not the pistols…the other ones!)

This past Christmas I gathered a bunch of family members to go in with me on a brand new PS4 for my husband. Unfortunately, the poor man hasn’t been able to play it yet because he’s been so busy with work, and frankly, there just aren’t many good games out for this system yet. Well, he had a GameStop gift card that he wanted to use up, so we’ve been making periodic trips to the store to see what’s new. This past weekend we were perusing the shelves at GameStop and there wasn’t anything out yet that he was really interested in playing. He checked a website for some reviews and saw that the newest Tomb Raider was supposedly out and was getting great reviews! So he asked the lady behind the counter and BAM! They had just ONE copy left! We have always liked Tomb Raider, so he decided to snag it.

Tomb Raider PS4

So what’s the point of this post? Well, I’ve got a little bone to pick with the creators of this game… If Lara Croft is sooo tough and strong (for example; pulls herself up and over ledges and such…) how come she doesn’t have an inkling of MUSCLE TONE?! I’ve always been a fan of strong female characters, but I’m often disappointed in how they are portrayed. Realistically, these women would be a little more…what’s the word? Jacked? I’m gonna lay off Tomb Raider for a moment to drive my point a little deeper. Have you seen the actress who is going to play Wonder Woman in the new Batman-Superman movie? Her name is Gal Gadot and she is certainly a very beautiful woman. But again, where’s the muscle? Apparently she’s in a “very serious training regime,” but I’m not convinced that she’s going to have added a striking amount of mass within a year. Why wouldn’t they just pick a woman who already has something to work with? Why are these heroic women quite often portrayed as meek and weak girls?

With the growth of Crossfit and the ever-greater respect for weight lifting (especially for women), I think the general public is beginning to accept slightly more muscular women more now than ever before. It seems about time that these nerdy game developers and Marvel comic designers get their acts together and start portraying these women in a more realistic way and little less like waifs! Giving these heroines a little deltoid cap and a hint of a bicep won’t hurt anybody and might actually teach someone that hey, it’s okay to have a little bit of muscle tone. There’s just something odd about me, a real-life human, looking more like a superhero than the actual superheroes do. Rant over.