It’s Okay to Quit Following That Selfie Queen

So I’m scrolling through Instagram, as many of us do, and I keep coming across selfies of this one fitness personality I follow. I’ve been a pseudo-fan of her’s for years and followed her because maybe she would put out some good information. You know, things like workouts, or tips, or some motivational words, or even some recipes. Day-to-day I scroll past her photos, and to this day I have yet to learn ANYTHING from this woman; well, besides the fact that she really likes to take photos…of HERSELF.

If you’re reading this blog, you obviously have SOME interest in health and fitness, and therefore probably follow several other fitness folks on social media. I KNOW you see this all the time too. Lots and lots of selfies…yet no actual content. Nothing we can actually LEARN from. No deeply moving thoughts or  words. Just a “TGIF!” with a corresponding duck face or even a “Good morning!” with a “morning abs” selfie…

Maybe some people find it motivating, in a sense, to look upon ripped, shapely bods. I, on the other hand, don’t. Any spark of motivation I get from that is very, very fleeting. Are any of you with me on that? Most of us are guilty of taking and posting selfies on occasion. I see no problem with that. But your same face every day. Your same abs…every day. Your same hand-on-hip-shoulder-and-glute-flexed-with-ducklips pose EVERY. DAMN. DAY?


I’m not sure I understand the purpose and honestly, I’m reeeeeally just not learning anything from that. I’m bored of it. And I think it’s kind of sad… Don’t you do anything? Let us have a peek into your real life for God’s sake!

So guess what I’m going to do. I’m going to un-follow her. 😦 I know. But if you have nothing original or educational to offer along with your selfies, well, then I am getting absolutely nothing out of seeing your fitness-model-figure every single day and you’re clogging up my feed. I don’t mean to single this woman out and I still respect her and her dedication, which is why I refuse to name her.  I have honestly un-followed a lot of fitness models and fitness “personalities” (as I like to call them) within the last year. These are the ones who incessantly use the hashtags #noexcuses, #whatsyourexcuse and #beastmode. The ones who not only have ripped abs all year round, but like to show you them every day without describing their mind-numbing lifestyle to you. These are the ones who are 22 years old, have never struggled with their weight and have never properly gone on a diet in their life (because they didn’t need to). They do it once. They’re successful at maintaining it (no matter the cost), and then they want to SELL you their starvation diets and crappy training programs. And it saddens me that so many buy into it!

Remember, these people are often being PAID to look the way they do, whether they have clients and subscribers who expect it of them or even sponsorships… And honestly, they probably don’t have much of a life. They ALWAYS have to be photoshoot ready because you know what? Someone is ready to take their place at any moment. Fitness models (or even Instagram fit-chicks) are a dime-a-dozen. Their livelihoods depend on their abs. Some of these individuals might be prepping for a competition. That’s fine that they are “prepping” for something or maintaining where they’re at for something. But don’t try to make the public think that that look is and can be “normal” for most people, year round.

I appreciate that these people enjoy looking the way they do. If they’re happy, well that’s great! You should love yourself and be proud of your efforts! But I also have to wonder how many of them don’t really love themselves and that’s why they’re posting their selfies so often. Maybe they thrive on outside assurance…? I don’t know though and I can only make slight assumptions. Maybe it’s good marketing. Hey, sex sells, right? These people tend to have a good number of followers… But again, are their followers LEARNING anything? Are they truly being motivated? Or are they just looking upon these photos wishing they looked like that and beating themselves up for not looking that way?

The point of this post isn’t to bash on fitness models and whatnot, it’s just a rant really to create a discussion or to get you thinking about whether these “fitness personalities” are serving you or making you feel worse about where you’re currently at in your own fitness journey. It’s also important to point out that these people, despite the way they look, probably aren’t a spitting image of health. Many have disordered eating habits, body dysmorphia, wrecked metabolisms from constant dieting, thyroid issues brought on by their own doing, and the list goes on. It’s possible you’re actually in a healthier place both physically and mentally than they are. Plus, they have their social media image to worry about! What a drag!

This is my challenge to you to stop following those who don’t feed your soul and nourish your mind. If their images and videos bring you more stress and actually make you feel worse about your own current physique or skill level, drop them. If they’re the only person who is benefiting from your “follow,” do yourself a favor and “unfollow.”

Rant over. 😉