5 Reasons Why My 30s Are Way Better Than My 20s

This past Friday I turned 31.

Remember when you were a kid and you thought that 30 was old? Yeah, well, I don’t think that anymore. But still, 31 sounds like such a boring number… But maybe it’s not.

When I sat down to write this post I originally thought, “well, what in the hell is so special about 31..?” Sure, 30 is kind of exciting (or not-so-exciting depending on the way you look at it.) I mean, you’re a legit adult at 30! But 31? That’s a whole year into your 30s…

And that’s exactly what’s great about it. 

There’s something interesting about hitting your 30s. It’s kind of like you’re actually starting to figure out who you really are. In your 20s you do so much planning for your future and you have a pretty “good” idea of what your life is going to be like. Then you hit your 30s and you might come to realize that the plan you made really isn’t what you want at all and you’re not the person you once thought you were.

So what have I learned about myself over the past year? Lemme tell ya.

1. I know what I like and what I don’t like. Over the last year I have noticed that I have stronger feelings towards what I like and don’t like, and what I do or do not want out of life. And you know what? I’m much more likely to proudly express my feelings towards something. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not going to tell someone I don’t like them, after all, I’m not rude! But life is too short to fill it up with people you can’t stand, things you don’t like, and choices that you aren’t happy about.

2. I am extreme about avoiding extremes. One thing I really don’t like these days is extremes. This is probably mostly related to diet and exercise, and our mindsets surrounding those topics. Over the last year I’ve really sought out moderation and balance in all areas of my life, but one major change that has definitely solidified in my life is the fact that I now refuse to cut out the very foods and drinks that I absolutely love. To me, having slightly more defined abs just isn’t worth it anymore. Right now I’m enjoying a glass of wine (preferably something sparkly…) and a piece of chocolate every day! I don’t want to be on my deathbed someday thinking “I should’ve enjoyed more champagne…” And I refuse to let my future-dying-self down. 😉
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3. I’ve got my priorities straight. I love balance in all things (maybe it’s the Libra in me). This includes family, career, fun, and whatnot. BUT, while yes, my career will always be important to me, I’ve learned that nothing will ever be as important as my family; and that is one of the reasons why I have chosen to do what I do. One major reason that I work independently these days is so that when my husband is actually around, we are guaranteed to have some time together. Also, having the freedom to be with my dogs much of the day is an absolute luxury to me that I would hate to trade. It really is the little things in life… And besides, eff working for the man! Amirite?! Ha!

4. I’m wiser. Every year we all get juuuust a little more wise. I mean…how could you not? But over the last year I have specifically invested in my own ongoing education and business (BTW, that feels totally empowering!), and I’ve learned so much! And not just about exercise and training, but about myself and running a business. I’ve also had more life experiences and acquired new clients who have given me some of their own challenges to help them work around. Remember, learning from others’ experiences can be just as beneficial as learning from your own…

5. I’m more comfortable with showing you who I am. I like me. I like who I have become. If you like me, well, then awesome! Let’s be pals! If you don’t, well, I just don’t really care anymore. I’m not afraid to show you my quirks and who I really am. Those are the things that set us all apart and make us interesting! So why not embrace them?

So far 31 has been pretty damn good. Not much different than 30 really, but it’s nice to look back on the previous year and determine what has changed in you. This next year, much like every other year, my aim is to become an even fitter person than I am today, both physically and mentally. This year I would specifically like to focus on removing self-limitations. You ever been afraid of reaching true success? Sounds odd, but often this is the one thing that keeps us from meeting our true potential. Maybe you never complete a training program and hardly make any progress… Maybe you never 100% follow through with a diet plan and thus never reach your ultimate fat loss goals… Maybe you’re afraid to branch out and try new things… Or maybe you don’t reach high enough in your career.

“All limitations are self imposed.” -Oliver Wendell Holmes

Once you realize that all of those limits keeping you from reaching new heights are actually self-imposed, you have actually already taken the first step. Now you can DO something about it and take control of your own life and successes. My goal for this year is to reduce (because come on, this is a practice) those self-limitations and see what happens.

For those of you who have not quite reached your 30s, don’t be afraid of them. They’re awesome. And for those of you who are in your 30s now, or beyond, embrace it! And remember, it’s never to late to try new things and make new goals. Make the best of your life. You only get one!