Fighting Aliens…

…or robots! Or zombies! Come on…admit it. You know you like to imagine yourself doing badass things when you workout. I can’t be the only weirdo who does this. Whose image is regularly floating around in my mind while I train…?

That’s right. Sarah Connor. If you don’t know who she is, you’re wrong. (Here’s a hint so you can save face: she’s the heroine from Terminator). Look at those ripped arms… And how badass is that image of her? Love it.

I’ve also learned just how important MUSIC is to me during my workouts. Whenever I realize I’ve forgotten my iPod shuffle my heart sinks to my stomach; especially if it’s leg day. Ugh. That’s the WORST! Recently I’ve found the PERFECT album for my workouts. I could be happy listening to nothing but Nero these days. Here are a couple of my favs from Nero’s album “Welcome Reality.”

You’re lying if you say those songs don’t make you want to chew dumbbells! I’ve practically abandoned the idea of listening to anything BUT dubstep in the gym these days. I definitely recommend that you add some Nero or Skrillex to your workout playlist and see what they do for you. You’ll thank me when you see the changes in your physique due to your newly found intensity.