Happy New Year!

I’m baaaaack! Yes, it’s true. I’m back to blogging. I hit a dry-spell for a while, but the new year is a great opportunity to give myself a kick in the butt and focus again.  Besides, a list of my New Years resolutions is a way easy topic to write about, albeit, it’s a bit cliche’. BUT, it’s proven that writing down your goals and sharing those goals with other people helps you stick to them.  So here goes nothin’!

1. Hit 15%-16% body fat and maintain it!

Yes, I realize it’s vain, but I want to see if I can maintain my body fat at around 15-16%.  “Losing weight” is not a measurable goal and I don’t care how many pounds I lose, so I’m aiming for a specific body fat level. 15-16% is pretty low for a female but I’m going to give it a shot.  What’s my plan?  Consistency with my diet!

Here's an idea of what some body fat levels look like, courtesy of Leigh Peele. I'm shooting for the one in the middle.

2. Become a Certified Personal Trainer

I am currently studying my NASM materials to become a CPT, so it’s already a goal of mine.  Now I just have to follow through. So far, so good.  BTW, teaching yourself anatomy? Not easy… The plan is to become an independent trainer.  I just can’t work for “the man” anymore, so wish me luck!

3. Blog More

I would like to make sure that I blog more this year.  I was on a good kick for a while, writing nearly once a week.  Maybe I could hit at least once every two weeks, but ideally I’d like to be writing once a week again.  I’ve recognized the fact that I often have a hard time coming up with topics, so if you have any topics you’d like me to discuss, shoot them my way!

4. Get better at recording my lifts.

Lately I’ve been so horrible at writing down how much I’m lifting and for how many reps. This bad habit makes it difficult to progress in any way.  So I’m going to follow a solid program and write down exactly what I’m doing so I can make daily training goals and hit some new PRs! (Um, “personal records”…in case you didn’t know.)

It’s definitely not necessary to wait for the new year to make resolutions and goals, but it’s fun to jump on the band wagon! Hey, everyone is doing it, right!? So I hope you have made some goals for yourselves. If you have, it’s best to write them down and read them every day and even share them with other people in your life.  If you read them every day then you are forced to hold yourself accountable for meeting those goals.  If you share your goals with others, then they get to hold you accountable for meeting your goals as well.  Who wants to let themselves and others down?  Not me!