I Threw In The Towel… And That’s Okay.

Absence makes the heart grow fonder, doesn’t it? As a spouse of a soldier, this phrase really rings true for me. But over the past month, it’s had a different meaning. During the month of September I essentially stepped away from my 4-day bodybuilding splits and followed a different program that was more focused on strength and performance rather than physique and the glorious “pump.” I had become bored and tired and needed a bit of a change….for a while at least. The plan was to follow that program for approximately 12 weeks… Well…that was the plan.

While I generally enjoyed the lower volume work (less sets, reps, and overall exercises) and the addition of cardio and some circuits, I still felt that there was something missing. The workouts weren’t “me.” Yeah, sure I would feel exhausted post-workout (especially cardio-wise), but my muscles were craving more. My pump was gone… 😦 and I didn’t feel like the new workouts were helping me meet my goals. When I started the new workouts I somewhat felt that I didn’t have any goals. But I learned that I actually do KIND OF have goals, no matter how loose they are. They’re essentially this:

I’m a bodybuilder.

I train to build a physique that shows the hard work I put in at the gym.

I like to LOOK like I LIFT! Because…I do.

Curl Like a Girl

Yes, I love the additional benefits of being strong and healthy, but I can’t deny that one of the major reasons I train the way I do is because I love the look this way of training has given me and others who train similarly! PLUS, I think it’s fun! I have to remind myself that it’s okay to exercise a certain way because of the way it will make my body look. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that and it’s what I ENJOY!

It keeps me coming back for more. 

This is key.

If you hate the way you’re training and aren’t having fun or feeling inspired, you’re not going to keep coming back for more. Chances are you’ll throw in the towel and become part of the larger majority who doesn’t exercise at all. You’ll make excuses that it’s not for you and you don’t enjoy it. But you know what?

There’s something for everyone who’s willing to move. 

I don’t expect everyone to want to lift the way I do. I don’t even expect everyone to want to lift! But I do think everyone should find a form of movement that they enjoy and gets them fired up; even if that’s just leisure walks every day. If you haven’t figured out what you love yet, just keep searching. Keep trying new things! Then at least you’ll know what you do and don’t like. This month I’ve essentially re-learned how much I love being in the gym, blaring my music through my headphones, and cranking out lots of volume with heavy weights. What can I say? I’m a bro at heart. 😉

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