Don’t Worry About Your Weight. You Look Great!

“Don’t Worry About Your Weight. You Look Great!”

My husband said this to me last weekend. You see, he’s been on a bit of a diet for the last month. He’s honestly never really ever strictly dieted before. He’s never really needed to either! But he decided that he wanted to try to lose a few pounds to literally “lighten” his body up. He’s in the Army, so he does a lot of running. And honestly, the heavier you are, the harder the run. (Alright, enough with justifying why he felt the need to lose a few pounds. Let’s just say that he’s doing a great job and lost a few pounds in his first week… I know you can picture the look on my face right now…)

Anyways, I thought I might join him on his little diet journey. Why not, right? I’ve been maintaining for a while now, so this would be a good opportunity to “tighten up” a little. We could help motivate and keep each other on track. He’d also be less likely to “crap-push” since he too is on a diet… It would just be a little easier.

Or so I thought…

You see, we’ve both been counting calories during this little cut of ours. And according to how that generally works, we should be losing scale weight. Well, Mr. Man over there has been on track, losing at least a pound per week, while I have lost…

1 pound. Total.

Are you effing kidding me? Like, WTF mate? You see, I’ll go through phases where I’m 100% “oh, screw the scale. It doesn’t mean crap.” And then after actually TRYING to lose some weight, the scale hardly budges and I’m like “well, it SHOULD be moving!” I’m training hard. I’m literally weighing my food and counting my calories like a neurotic bitch (okay, maybe I’m not THAT neurotic about it), and hardly anything happens.



I’m starting to notice more “nooks and crannies” in my back and arms. I all of a sudden have a glimpse of a 6-pack rather than a 4-pack. My yoga pants are feeling looser. My husband is saying that I look great and that my waist feels “slim and trim.”

While these changes can’t really be quantified, tracked, or easily spotted in photos, they too are very real. They count. And they are especially important to take note of when someone is already relatively lean. Let’s face it, a lean person just isn’t going to see number drops week to week. BUT they are more likely to actually SEE visible changes.

So just like I like to tell my readers and my clients, I need to take my own advice and take what the scale tells me with a grain of salt. I just have to face the fact that I’m not going to have those exciting, big number drops, and honestly, an exciting drop would probably be a bad thing at this point as it would mean…. DUNN DUNNN DUNNNNNN!! Muscle loss!!! And that would be no bueno. I’ll take my slow fat loss over that any day.

Besides, I’m not trying to “be” a certain number. I’m trying to look a certain way. I don’t even know what number would pop up on the scale when I reach my desired, “happier” weight. Please don’t get it wrong…I’m not unhappy with where I’m currently at. Sometimes it’s just fun to see where you COULD be. Plus, pull-ups are much more challenging at 142 lbs. than they were at 135!

So if you are already close to your body’s natural set-point like me,  you just can’t expect to see major changes in your weight. This is when fat loss actually gets hard and well, kind of boring! You’re fighting day in and day out, and generally working harder for less results. This is a point where a lot of people might give up and become discouraged. But it’s those folks that will never reach their goals. Don’t be one of those people…

Anyways, screw the scale. Look in the mirror. Take some damn photos. And keep on truckin’! Fat loss ain’t easy. Otherwise, we’d all look like Greek gods. 😉

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