Stop Eating Like a Child

It’s time for some hard talk you guys…

At some point you have got to grow up and take responsibility for yourself.

Are you still wondering why you haven’t “lost the weight?”

Well, have you tried?

I mean, have you REALLY TRIED?

You know what you need to do. It’s not complicated.

Losing fat is actually really damn simple. It may not be easy per se’, but it’s simple as hell. 

Now, I’m not talking about going from 18 to 15 percent body fat (for women). That might be a whole different story as it can be quite a challenge. But getting from 30 to 20 percent body fat… That’s not complicated.

Let’s go over the two basics:

1. Eat more quality food.

2. Eat fewer calories.

Boom. Done. That’s it. I’m setting exercise aside for this discussion. You can be one hell of a skinny bitch without exercise. You might not have much muscle “tone,” but you can be thin.

You’re an adult. Stop feeding yourself like a child. That sugary breakfast cereal is not serving you and you KNOW that. That McDonald’s hamburger and fries you had for lunch aren’t serving you either, and you KNOW that. But maybe you don’t want to admit it because then you might have to change and do something about it. This is the time to be a grown ass adult and make the decision that best serves you, your health, and your goals.


Me…as a child…chowing down on ice cream…

Want my advice? Start food journaling. Write down everything you eat. Every damn bite. You don’t have to tie emotions to these foods, but you do need to think about them. What’s serving you? And what is doing a disservice to you? Does this food make you feel full and satisfied? Or does it leave you wanting more?

Stop looking for the magical diet that will change everything for you. Come up with your own diet. That’s the only one that’s going to work for you in the long run. You know what all diets have in common?  They all pretty much cut out certain food groups and/or force you to increase your intake of higher quality foods, thus you’re inherently cutting back on calories. Yep. So any diet will work as long as your calories are reduced and you’re eating more protein and fiber.

I know I’m coming off as mean or harsh, but sometimes we all just need a bit of a reality check. You have to stop this incessant hunt for secret information. You already have it all. You just need to start acting on it and putting what you know to use. It’s seriously not complicated. You just have to want it bad enough to feel a little hungry here and there and eat things that MIGHT not taste as good as Ben and Jerry’s 90% of the time. You can totally go for the Ben and Jerry’s the other 10% of the time. Got it? Good.

5 thoughts on “Stop Eating Like a Child

  1. Kind of disagree with the whole “simple as that” – there are serious psychological issues and if my only problem was that I don’t understand the basics of nutrition and exercise then I would never have gotten to this weight … but I do love this blog… “stop eating like a child” – I eat like a very spoilt only child who wants all the chocolate – enjoyed reading this and I think I have found my new favourite motivational quote 🙂

    • While I do realize that a lot of it is psychological (I have struggled with emotional eating/eating out of boredom/loneliness), sometimes we just need a little slap across the head to snap us out of it. We also just need to stop hunting for that miracle cure. The cure is in us. We’re not going to find it somewhere else. Glad you enjoyed the blog. 🙂

      • I know Jessica… I have the power to stop the overeating… in a way I feel like I am always trying to find an excuse.. which for me sometimes is “WELL I clearly have physiological issues that is beyond my control” may be true… but kind of lame

      • Haha! I know exactly how you feel. I’m not only addressing this to my readers, but also to myself. It’s very human of us to make emotional decisions (like eating more than we should…or the wrong type of food more than we should). Acknowledgement is the first step! That’s why I love food journaling. We never want to write down that slice of pizza we had… Or the extra helping of ice cream. That’s because it forces us to make a realization…and not always a positive one. It hurts, but it helps.

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