I Made It! I’m 30!

Today I turn 30. Am I sad about this? Distraught? Worried? No, because worrying and crying gives you wrinkles and I have to think about preventing those now. I am happy to report that I have not yet spotted any! But in all seriousness, I’m actually proud and happy to be turning 30.

A lot of people will say “Oh, what’s the big deal? 30’s not old!” And I agree. No, 30 is not old. But it is a milestone. It marks the official end of my youth and an entrance into legit adulthood.

It’s interesting, but I really do feel a little more mature. This is the first birthday that has actually forced me to reflect on my life thus far and check myself. And you know what? I’m proud of my life story at this point. It’s an interesting one to tell.

Since this is generally a fitness blog, I guess I should tie that in. I’m proud of how far I have taken my body and mind. I’m fitter and stronger than I have ever been. I’ve been a little leaner in the past (photo shoot in 2011), but not without a lot of sacrifice. I’m pretty happy and satisfied with where I am now and do not feel deprived. I also have a lot more muscle now than I did then. So woo hoo!

I also love my job. How many people can say that? Yeah, sometimes it feels like a chore to get up early in the morning, but once I meet up with my clients, it really just feels like fun and games to me. You’re not only a trainer, but often you become a close girlfriend or a therapist. People tell you all about their lives and problems, and you know what? It’s great! It shows me that they feel comfortable with me and trust me. When a client who came to me initially looking for fat loss tells me that they are now “addicted” to strength training and want to change their focus to getting stronger, my heart bursts with joy. When a client tells me that never in their life have they lifted as much weight as they are now and they can now live a full and functional life, and they say it’s all because of me…I almost get teary. Changing peoples lives for the positive feels absolutely amazing. And making women stronger and more confident feels more than amazing.

Other things I’m happy with in my life? My marriage. The places I have seen. The things I have done. The confidence and assuredness I have built in myself. Life is good and I have no complaints. I just wish my husband could be here to celebrate with me. But taking a memorable trip across the Southwest with the two people who will always love me unconditionally (my parents) will have to suffice!

So here’s to at least 30 more years of adventures, special memories, and celebrating age instead of fearing it!



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