The Fine Line Between Being Lazy and Knowing When to Rest

Just Do It TomorrowThis morning I woke up feeling extra tired and uncomfortable. Abdominal cramping and lower back aches were getting to me and my mind felt scattered and unmotivated. Inevitably, my “friend” was making her monthly visit. The first day is always the worst and I know that it will usually be a weak day in the gym, so today I decided to forgo it.

Know thyself

I know that a day like today could actually be harmful for me (especially when heavy deadlifts are on the menu). Sometimes it’s just better to take an extra day off or even go really light rather than push through it. If you’re a professional athlete or preparing for something, then maybe you’d be better served by getting your training in. But if you’re in my shoes, chances are you’d tweak your neck or back and be out of the gym for a week. No thank you!

Ignore the fitspo that tells you you’re “weak” for not going to the gym when you feel like utter crap. Bitch. Come squeeze my bicep. THEN call me weak. Yes, there can be a fine line between laziness and just instinctively knowing when you need to rest, but if it’s the first day of your “friend” you most certainly have my permission to take it easy. Tomorrow is a new day and I know I will be feeling much better. My workout can wait until then.

On a side note: I am no longer working with my coach. My original plan was to work with them through December and that’s what I did. I am continuing to follow my prescribed program but I am just being a tiny bit more lenient with myself. So far, so good! Still dropping fat and getting compliments from people at the gym! That’s always fun, ain’t it? Overall, I’m soooooo so happy I worked with Lean Bodies Consulting. I really learned a lot about myself through my experience training with them. I loved my nutrition plan and my training programs have been so much fun, however, I feel like I’m in a good place to take the reigns now and manipulate my base program as needed going forward.

AND I have officially hit a pull-up personal record! Maybe it’s because I’ve lost a few pounds? Who knows. But for the last two weeks I’ve done a set of 10 neutral grip pull-ups. Even my husband is impressed! And that’s only set one! The second set is usually 8 pull-ups and then it gradually decreases from there. Hey, if I can’t pat myself on my back on my own blog, where else can I do it?

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