Feelin’ Good in South Padre

Well, our relaxing vacation to South Padre Island has come and gone! Unfortunately, along with the great memories remains the dreaded post-vacay bloat and sugar cravings! But it’s definitely worth it. We had such a great time and I wouldn’t have changed a thing. Surviving off of a diet of Mudslides, Pina Coladas, and Coronitas isn’t exactly the WORST thing ever!

Pina Colada

One thing that I noticed on this trip was just how confident I felt on the beach! In the past I might have been much more concerned about keeping my lower half covered. Ladies, you know what I mean. For example, not taking off your cover-up until you’re sitting on your beach chair and thus no ass is seen! Well, until you decide to make the brave move to the water while everyone in your general vicinity peeks up from their books to stare. This year I was in much better physical and mental states. I knew that I looked slimmer, tighter, and stronger than I have in years passed and that made me feel pretty damn good about prancing around on the beach in a teeny-tiny bikini. Aaaaaand I’m pretty sure I exuded that confidence (as noted in the picture below)!

Check out that board! RAWR!

Check out that board! RAWR!

Overall, we had an amazing time and came back home feeling refreshed and fulfilled. Now we are easing back into our training and healthy eating…and it’s going…ehhhhh….so-so. The training is always the easy part to get back to. It’s the diet that’s hard. Especially when you still have Mudslide and Pina Colada mix staring back at you from your fridge.

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