South Padre Island, Baby!

So I finally have a small goal to work towards. Lately, I’ve been more or less maintaining where I was at and just enjoying the lifting lifestyle. No cutting really, no bulking per se’. Just lifting heavy and having fun. RAWR!

But now, things have changed a wee bit. My husband and I have booked a trip to South Padre Island in July. Woo hoo! I haven’t had a pure, relaxing beach vacation since our wedding in 2010. But even then, I didn’t get to spend much time chillin’ on the beach. We have a condo booked right on the beach and we’re gonna live it up! And the dog is coming too! (Even though he hates water…)

South Padre Island, Texas

South Padre Island, Texas

Inevitably, beach vacations tend to call for a little bit of leaning out. Hell, I’m going to be spending 3-4 days in a bikini on the beach. I damn well better look and feel good doing it! Luckily, I don’t think I really have too far to go to be ‘comfortable’. It’s not like I’m stepping on a stage or rocking a photo shoot. The below photo is what happens when you pack on a lot of muscle, eat healthy 80-90% of the time, and generally monitor your calorie intake. I haven’t been doing hours of cardio (actually, I’ve done none outside of one sprint session and the training I did for Pat’s Run). I haven’t been obsessing about food timing or macronutrient ratios. AND, I’m really, truly learning about “balance.” I’d say it’s paying off both mentally and physically.


My muscles are actually looking a little flat in this photo since I tend to be a little dehydrated and depleted at 7am, but you get the gist. I threw a fun filter over it since the lighting in my bathroom is crappy in the morning.

So what’s going to be my biggest obstacle?

WEEKENDS!!! (Play the ominous music…)

Oh, and of course, my crap-pushing husband. He’s a sucker for fun. And I’m thankful for that, but my ass isn’t. So we’re going to have to nip that in the bud for the next couple months.

It’s so easy to be “good” during the week and follow a tighter diet, but once the weekend rolls around it tends to resort to all fun and games. A glass of wine here, a margarita there, some popcorn and candy at the movies, lunch at Which Wich, whatever. It’s like a snowball rolling down a mountain, if you get my drift. I’m not saying that ALL of these things need to stop. I’m just saying that the treats need to be reigned in a little bit and I just need to have fewer of them over the course of a weekend in order to “tighten” up a bit more.

So wish me some luck and send me some daggum willpower! (This Crap-Pusher is no joke!)

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