Pat’s Run: Training Update II

I’m almost there! Next weekend is Pat’s Run in Tempe, Arizona. I’m actually getting pretty excited about it! My training has gone really well. I just finished a 4 mile run in 36 minutes this morning. I’m not going to complain about a 9 minute pace considering I am just NOT a runner. I actually hate running and I’m reminded of that every time I do it. But let’s face it; Pat Tillman is one inspirational guy.

To be honest, I actually missed my run this past Wednesday due to really bad weather, but I didn’t let that effect me. I pushed through this morning to hit my goal of 4 miles.  I’m going to do one more run this upcoming Wednesday and skip my usual Friday leg day. I have a difficult time running a decent pace when my running day immediately follows a leg day. My legs are just too heavy on that day. I’ll be traveling to Arizona on Friday anyways.

Wondering why I hate running so much? Well, my body just isn’t built for it and it doesn’t really contribute to my goals of improving body composition. It actually does the opposite. Are you asking “What do you mean your ‘body isn’t built for it’?” Well, Mike Boyle described it in a controversial blog back in 2007 and I’m inclined to agree with him. It’s a short read, in case you’re interested: Why (Most) Women Shouldn’t Run – Mike Boyle. (I couldn’t find the original posting, but this link will do.)

Pat’s Run, here I come! I’ll be sure to give you guys a rundown of how it went when I return. I’m sure there will be pics too!

Photo via Pat Tillman Foundation

Photo via Pat Tillman Foundation

2 thoughts on “Pat’s Run: Training Update II

  1. Hi, I just found your blog. I love your approach! I totally agree that most women aren’t meant to run distance. My best friend is built like a good runner, and I told her one day (we were at happy hour…LOL) that if she just put a little effort in, she could be an awesome runner. I had to quite distance running due to foot issues (surprise), and she just did a 5k at an average pace of 7:30/mile. For reference, my best is like 10 min/mile!

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