The Good Stuff: March 18th

Well, it’s time for another edition of the good stuff. I read a lot of good fitness and nutrition related articles throughout the week and many of them are more than worth sharing. I think it’s important to get GOOD information out to the public and help smash fallacies that run rampant throughout the fitness industry. So please put down your favorite fitness magazine and just read this stuff instead.

1. Constructing a Fitness Femme Fatale – By John Romaniello

Should women train the same as men? Generally the answer is “yes.” But, as a female, there may be some exercises that you might want to avoid if you’re trying to sculpt a sexy physique. Now the idea of the word “sexy” is completely in the eye of the beholder, but you should be aware of what results you may be achieving (by accident or on purpose) with the exercises you are utilizing.

And here is his follow up to that article… Taming the Terrible ‘Turkey Wings’

2. Muscle Confusion – Guest post by Nate Palmer on Tony Gentilcore’s Blog

The low-down, dirty truth about ‘muscle confusion.’

3. Research Review: Is cardio better than weights for fat loss? – By Helen Kollias

I don’t know if you heard, but there was recently a study that claimed that cardio was better for fat loss than resistance training. Here’s a great review that pretty much states why those results are B.S.


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