Why Group Training May Not Be Working For You…

First off, I’d like to explain why I’ve been MIA lately and tell you about the “big news” I mentioned in my last blog. Well, I’ve moved again! Frequent moves are normal for military families. My husband finished up his training in Fort Benning, Georgia and we have been moved to Fort Hood, Texas where he’ll be starting his next job. We found a great house in a nice area and after much hassle, we are moved in and settling down. We also have a great backyard which our dog absolutely LOVES! I’m not sure I’ve ever seen him so happy and carefree! He can run around and get all that energy out on his own. Shorter walks (like…less than 3 miles) are in my near future! Woo hoo!

With every move comes a new gym or two. Gyms on Army posts are free for military and their families and there’s generally a bunch to choose from. I’ve found one that I like and it’s a lot like a Crossfit gym. Lots of free weights, bumper plates, racks, and empty space. I trained at a gym like this back at Fort Benning and I find that I prefer this style of gym to others because it gives me the most freedom, even though I don’t do Crossfit. One thing that seems to be common in these gyms is group training and I’ve noticed one huge issue with these groups…



These are usually groups of girls either led by an “expert” (I think?) or perhaps they’re just meeting up because it’s more fun to train with friends than it is to train alone. Regardless, they’re spending a lot of time standing around…talking…watching other people (AHEM!)…and just doing a whole lot of nothing…for like…2 hours. They’re there when I get there and they’re there when I leave.

I’m going to go ahead and get this B.S. statement out of the way…”Okay, at least they’re doing SOMETHING!” Yes, but I have to wonder what kind of results they’re after and what kind of results they are actually achieving? I’d also like to mention that since this is a Crossfit ‘style’ gym, these girls are doing Crossfit ‘style’ workouts, but with little intensity. If their goals are to just generally improve their fitness a little bit, then okay, they might be achieving that. But if their goals are to actually change their physique, get strong, and actually look like they spend some time in the gym, then they don’t appear to be achieving that and they won’t with the way they are training. Making progress requires a few things: progressive overload, tension (not momentum), and some intense focus. Now, I can’t say that these girls or groups like these aren’t making progress, but I can say that they aren’t following some of these rules and they don’t have an appreciable amount of muscle tone….so I’m just putting two and two together.

I wish I could save these girls years of wasted time and just tell them to their faces what they’re doing wrong and how they can fix it, but how bitchy would that be?? So maybe I can help you few readers out there by offering up just one tip today…

*Get in there and get it done. Don’t fart around (as my dad would say) and dilly-dally, BSing with your girlfriends. If you’re going to train with friends use them as motivation and competition, not for socializing. Save that for the coffee shop, not the gym.*

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