The Good Stuff: December 27th, 2012

Welcome to my first post of “The Good Stuff.” This is where I simply share some awesome articles or blogs that I read within the last week or so (I actually came across these a couple of weeks ago but have been slow to share due to the holidays). Regardless of whether they are new or not, they still have great content and are definitely worth reading and sharing. So with no further adieu, here’s The Good Stuff!

1. “No Days Off From Training, Ever!” Um, What? – Beauty Lies in Strength; Jen Comas Keck

Jen Comas KeckI love Jen Comas Keck. I think we should seriously be friends. Every time I read one of her blogs I see myself in her. Jen, if you’re reading this, please don’t be weirded out. I’m not a creeper. I swear. Anyways, I loved this post of hers. If you find yourself experiencing the symptoms she lists in this blog, you MIGHT be working out too much. Sometimes less is more. I’m only training 4 days a week…just weights….no structured cardio (besides walking my dog for his own benefit)…and currently swimming in my tight, “sexy” jeans. Come on girls, you have those jeans too! The ones with no stretch that tell you whether you’ve put on a few or not. Spending less time in the gym is not going to kill you and honestly, you may see more results and just feel better.

2. 10 Weight-Loss Rules You’re Allowed to Break – By John Berardi, Ph.D for Livestrong

Many people will be starting their New Years resolutions next week and, as usual, many will probably be working on weight-loss in the New Year…(well, for at least a week or so). Here, Berardi (of Precision Nutrition) discusses some “rules” that you may have been fed by the not-so-knowledgeable that you are allowed to break.


3. 5 Most Overrated Exercises – By Nick Tumminello for Livestrong

I must admit, this article is from September 2011, but I just happened upon it and really enjoyed it. I’ve wondered if the benefits of these exercises have been blown out of proportion and Tumminello has confirmed my suspicions.tire-flip

So if you’re doing any of these exercises, you might want to reconsider and try some alternatives. For more current articles by Tumminello, check him out at his website. I love reading his stuff and watching his videos. You might have also seen some of his articles in many major fitness magazines. So yes, the man knows his stuff. 

Hope you enjoy and get SOMETHING out of these articles. And please check these individuals out at their own websites. They’re great sources of solid information.

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