Welcome to the Gun Show.

Below are some of the results I’m noticing from EFFECTIVE TRAINING, not necessarily MORE training. Since I’ve switched from standard bodybuilding body part splits to upper-lower splits, I think I’m noticing some major gains in my upper body, which has been a major goal of mine. Majorly. But I don’t have a shoulder day…an arm day….a back day….a chest day…. I actually train all of these areas together as an upper-body day, twice a week. And I generally don’t spend more than an hour in the gym unless I’m adding in some metabolic conditioning and/or extra stretching and mobility work. Body part splits are great for getting more of an artificial “pump” (which can be fun to look at….momentarily), but I believe that training this way has given me a more solid and dense muscle since it allows me to lift heavier and work those areas twice as often as I previously was. My arms are actually starting to weird my husband out. Hehe.

These photos were taken this morning BEFORE my workout. No post-workout pump. Excuse the minor blurriness. And is that something in my hair…or on the mirror? Whatevs…

Nevermind the claw-like fist.

And a side view…

For those of you wondering, my top is from Fashletics. I think they gear more towards the Crossfit crowd since their designer and creator (Sarah Wilson) is a Crossfit trainer in Florida, but I love their message and they have a lot of cute stuff! So be sure to check them out if you like my top. They also sell jewelry and other accessories.

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