The Olympians Have Gathered

I’m not talking about these Olympians…


I’m talking about THESE Olympians…

For those of you fitness addicts who have been hiding under a rock somewhere you might not know that this past weekend was Olympia Weekend in Las Vegas, Nevada. The Olympia is kinda sorta one of the biggest events in Fitness. The best of the best professional bodybuilders, figure athletes, and bikini chicks gather for this event to compete against one another and be judged on their physiques.

I tend to be most interested in the Figure competitors. I love the professionals’ physiques. This year my favorite competitor took home the Gold for the second time. Who is she? The beautiful Erin Stern! And why do I love this woman? Check it out:

1. I watch lots of her training videos and she always trains with intensity but looks like she’s having a blast!

2. She’s actually an athlete. It’s not just looks ya’ll. She’ll leave you in her dust on the track.

3. I’m pretty sure she did little to no steady state cardio during her prep for this Olympia. She focused on her diet and utilized interval training to help her lean out. I’m a big fan of cutting in this manner. Steady state cardio is the pits unless you’re specifically training for an endurance event. I don’t get why it’s so overused…

4. During her prep she was really focusing on her mental health and keeping stress in check. She stayed completely in tune with her body. Fitness is all encompassing. It’s not just physical but it’s mental.

5. She doesn’t take herself too seriously; a trait I can always respect.

In the end, she rolled up to the Olympia looking super-lean, healthy and full rather than ragged and depleted. So congratulations, Erin! You looked stunning and completely deserved this win!



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