Training Update

So you know how I changed to an upper/lower body split? Well, I’m freaking loving it. I feel so strong! It’s hard to say whether I’ve actually gotten stronger or more confident, but regardless, it’s so much more fun lifting heavier. If you’re curious as to what my split looks like, I’ll give you an idea of what I’ve been doing. For my big, compound lifts I’m using a 5×5 rep scheme, and for the more accessory-type movements I’m using a 8-10 or even 12-15 rep scheme. And I am in no way advocating that you should use this program. It’s just what I’m trying out at the moment.

Day 1:

BB Rows, BB flat bench press, chin ups (unassisted), seated DB overhead press, shoulder complex, bench crunches

Day 2:

ATG Back Squat (deep….like hamstrings to calves deep),Romanian Deadlift, Bulgarian Split Squats (These will make a grown man cry. Srsly.), SHELCs (Supine Hip Extension to Leg Curl), kettlebell swings, reverse crunches

Day 3: Off (Maybe sprints, a metabolic circuit, or just a long walk. It depends on how I’m feeling.)

Day 4:

Push presses, pull ups (Unassisted), incline DB bench press, single arm DB rows, bicep curls supersetted with lying overhead tricep extensions, bicycle crunches

Day 5:

Conventional deadlift, BB hip thrusters, walking lunges, step-ups, hyperextensions

Day 6: Off (Same as day 3.)

Day 7: REALLY OFF (Okay…probably a walk.)


You may be thinking, “wow…she’s not doing like 12 different exercises per session.” Um, yeah. That kind of volume just isn’t necessary. I’m taxed by the end of these workouts (which believe it or not, take me nearly an hour) and I’m hitting all of my muscle groups pretty hard and heavy….twice a week.

Also, I’d like to note that I’ve been walking my dog for at least 3 miles every morning of the week. The little guy won’t leave me alone if I don’t! But who can say “no” to this face?

Do you want toooo goooo…forrr….a walkie!?

Also, maybe a couple days a week I’ll do some hill sprints or something, but I’m not doing loads of cardio. I must say that my weight is up right now and my diet hasn’t been immaculate lately, but I can still see my abs…pretty clearly actually. So, frankly, my weight doesn’t bother me too much, especially since I’ve been lifting heavier. Besides, my clothes fit me just fine….except in the lats and shoulders. But I’m not gonna complain about that!

3 thoughts on “Training Update

  1. I’ve been doing a similar split lately (at the recommendation of my bodybuilder bf) and I feel more amazing than ever! You’ve just given me some new ideas on how to mix things up along with yet another dose of inspiration, and I just wanted to say “thank you” for that 🙂

    • Glad I was able to be of some use to someone! Hehe. I’ve been really happy with this split. Every now and then I’ll switch up my amount of sets and reps depending on how I’m feeling, but I generally just stick to the same or similar movements. I’m feeling so much stronger and frankly…badass…training this way. And honestly, isn’t that the point? LoL

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