As you know, I started working on my NASM personal training certification back in November, 2011. Well, today I finally took my exam and I PASSED! I’ve been studying my heart out for this exam and took just about the maximum amount of time I could to study before taking the test (I had up to 180 days). The NASM material was pretty challenging and teaching yourself the material without having a teacher to clarify things or answer questions really kind of makes it more difficult (especially if science has never been your forte’). It’s all on you to understand the information and know how to apply it. But I did it and I’m feeling super proud today!

I’m looking forward to gradually taking on clients and helping them improve their quality of life, regardless of their goals. Unfortunately, my studying doesn’t stop here. Continuing education is essential to maintaining my certification. Good thing I love this stuff! But for the remainder of the week and Memorial Day weekend, I’m just going to stop and smell the roses and enjoy my newly found freedom! Then I get to start thinking about how to get this business rolling.

Happy Training!

The report that states I passed. Gotta wait for my certificate which will come in the mail soon.

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