Army Gyms: A Whole New World

My new gym.

Yeah, yeah, yeah…I’ve been absent for like…forever. But I’ve been busy working out and being an Army wife! What a life I lead, huh? Life has actually been pretty awesome since I’ve moved to Georgia. I’m really happy. It’s amazing how busy you can stay just by being a housewife, which is essentially what I am these days. So what does a typical day look like for me now? Well, I usually get up sometime between 5 and 6 AM. I have a cup or two of joe while browsing Facebook and Pinterest (Pinterest is my new crack) and watching the local news.  Then I typically leave for the gym between 7 and 8 AM. After the gym I might stop by the PX on post (kind of like a Target or Walmart for the military) or hit the commissary (grocery store on post that is much much much cheaper than your average grocery store). The rest of my day might consist of running errands, taking the dog on long walks through the park next door, studying for my personal training exam, cleaning, preparing food, engaging in activities with other Army wives (Yes! I already have amazing friends!) and watching reruns of Army Wives on Netflix (!!!I’m an addict!!!). But getting on with it, I know you’re wondering what those Army gyms are like, so here you go.

They’re pretty awesome! It’s refreshing training around so many people who have serious goals and aren’t peddling away on the elliptical for hours. There’s usually tons of “hyoooge” guys training and periodically you’ll see another woman in the weight room. But typically the weight room is completely full of testosterone, and by that I mean lots and lots of male soldiers. As usual, I walk in there like I have a chip on my shoulder and people TEND to leave me alone (more on that in a later post). Although, glancing around in the mirrors you’ll catch a glimpse of a guy watching you with a look of mild confusion in regards to my muscle tone and the size of the weights I’m lifting. My husband says it’s a look of “I can’t tell if she’s hot or not…” Hehe. I guess it all depends on their taste and level of insecurity. Regardless, I’m not there to be “hot.” I’m there to “get my swole on.” I must say that these gyms can be quite intimidating for a civilian though and I always feel like I’m trespassing when I walk through those doors. I just always have to remind myself that as an Army wife I am welcome to use these facilities.

So what are some unique things that I have noticed since attending an Army gym?

  • Many soldiers workout in their PT (Physical Training) uniforms or ACUs (Army Combat Uniform) but without the hat and top.

Army PT Uniform

Army Combat Uniform

  • Going to the gym as a civilian during PT hours can be a hassle. That’s why I tend to arrive there around 7:30-8:00 AM, after PT hours. During PT hours soldiers get dibs on weights, benches, machines, and pretty much all available space. They only have so much time available to them, so it’s only fair that they get priority.
  • I regularly hear gunshots when I leave the gym (it’s located next to several firing ranges). I tend to enjoy this aspect.

Other than these points, Army gyms are actually  a lot like most civilian gyms. The best part about them though is that they are FREE! And that’s why I drive 30 minutes to get there every day. I also get to pick from any of the gyms that are offered on post, which is nice. I usually go between two gyms. One is more of your standard, commercial gym and the other is more of a Crossfit style gym. (Don’t you start thinking that I’m a fan of Crossfit…cuz I ain’t. More on that later too!) I like the Crossfit style gym because they have tons of olympic bars and lots of open space for weird stuff like walking lunges or metabolic complexes. I can do pretty strange stuff there and no one would blink an eye.

It really seems like I’m constantly moving from gym to gym. I’m gonna be quite the gym connoisseur before you know it! Happy training everyone!

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