The Truth: I fear my gym sessions.

I know I can’t be the only one out there who sits at home in the morning before heading to the gym, slowly sipping my coffee, and feeling constant anxiety about my upcoming training session.  I’ve always been a worrier.  I worry about the dumbest things and can be overcome with anxiety pretty easily.  What is it about my gym sessions that give me this stomach-churning anxiety?

Am I afraid that I’m going to do something goofy and perhaps trip over a yoga mat or stub my toe on a dumbbell? Maybe I’m worried about injuring myself? Or perhaps I’m anxious about who’s going to approach me today and ask me about…well…anything.

OR maybe it’s because I’m doing the right thing in the gym?  Maybe it’s because I always challenge myself and seek constant improvement or at LEAST maintenance.  I have thoughts like “Will I be able to lift as much as I did last week?”  “Will I be able to lift more than I did last week?? I dunno. A 5 lb. jump in weight is pretty hefty for shoulders.” “Am I going to be able to complete this last rep??? Cuz if I don’t, that bar is going to fall on my face and that’s completely unacceptable!!!” Ya know… stuff like that!

Honestly, maybe it’s a combination of all of the above. Working out in a gym can make one feel strong yet vulnerable all at once. I may seem powerful pushing around heavy weights, but I’m only human, thus I’m susceptible to injury and mistakes. I’m also not the most outgoing individual you’ll ever meet. Yet, in the gym, I really put myself out there for scrutiny. We all do. (It’s really amazing that I even have this blog!) Thankfully, my anxiety subsides once I’m at the gym and doing my warm-ups. I feel at peace and at home there.  I generally feel respected in the gym, and for someone who takes training very seriously, that’s definitely a good feeling.

I’m not sure if my anxiety is warranted or if it’s just silly, but regardless, that’s just the way I am.  I’m a freakin’ worrier, and frankly, it’s not good for my skin!

2 thoughts on “The Truth: I fear my gym sessions.

  1. I think we all, if we perform at a certain level, feel this anxiety.

    Going into a gym and seeking to meet your own, ever escalating expectations, is a little like stepping on stage. If the butterflies don’t come, you probably don’t care enough to actually belong there. Then it’s just a job – not your passion.

    Passion is what makes a great gym-built body. It’s usually the only thing that keeps people in the game long enough to gain long term, noticeable changes that make people gasp.

    Embrace your fear – it’s natural and healthy. 😉

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