Progress Update!

So lately I’ve felt that I’ve made a lot of progress with my body.  I haven’t been cheating on my diet on the weekends (although I did have one glass of champagne last night at the ballet!), and I’ve been very good with my diet during the week as well.  I’ve also been very consistent with my training and continuously challenging myself and keeping my lifts up.  My clothes are fitting looser.  I even had to buy some new SKINNY jeans!  It feels pretty good when your skinny jeans are no longer skinny on you!  So anyways, I made my husband take some progress photos of me this morning and I thought I’d share them with you.  I’m actually very excited about them and even MORE motivated to continue my streak of NO cheating!

Here’s the front view.  I decided to wear heels this time because my quads are really starting to come in and I wanted to get a good view of them.  Wearing high-heels really changes your posture as well.  I took photos without heels too so I can compare to my older photos, but I don’t need to bombard you with a million pics.

Here’s a side view.  My tushy is really lifting.  I’ve been incorporating a lot of heavy glute work lately and I think it’s beginning to pay off!

And now for my favorite view of the day, the REAR view!  Just so you know, the rear view has always been my LEAST favorite.  But today, I’m really liking what I’m seeing!  I think I’m going to start training calves again though and try to make those “diamonds” pop! (Pardon the off-kilter bikini top…it was early…)

I haven’t shared this with anyone yet, but I am planning on doing a photo shoot this August.  It’s just for my own personal enjoyment and for a little extra motivation to keep me working hard and eating right.  At the rate my body is moving, I think I’m going to be ready!  Wish me luck!

3 thoughts on “Progress Update!

  1. Holy s**t!! Your progress is inspiring–you look awesome! All that hard work is paying off in a big way.

    Hope to eventually get to a place like that. I’m liking the (very) small changes I’ve seen so far, and it’s hard to imagine that I’ll ever have my own amazing transformation. But your progress pics say it all. They are very motivating!

    Skinny jeans getting too skinny–love that one. I think you’ve earned a great new pair of boots to go with your new skinny jeans. Maybe a trip to Italy is in order? Florence has fabulous ones 😉

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