My Current Training

I’ve had a request to post my current training routine, so I’m happily sharing it with you!  I must admit, it does change every now and then.  I don’t change it a lot, but I might swap out a couple exercises for others depending on areas I might want to improve or little injuries I might be repairing.

Please note, I don’t recommend my routine for anyone.  It works for me and it works for my current schedule and goals.  You have to do what works for you.  And if you’re a beginner, I would definitely suggest looking up some routines written by professionals.  They are written well and will provide positive results if followed to a “T”.

I’m currently doing a 4-day bodybuilding split and I am  keeping my rests to 1 minute or less because I’m currently cutting.  I do 20-30 minutes of cardio when I have time after my workout…so maybe 2-3 times per week?  I don’t do a lot of cardio and I see better results without much of it.

Monday – Back & Biceps

Deadlifts – 8-10 x 3 (I usually also include a couple warm-up sets too)

Pull-ups – As many as I can do x 3

Barbell Bent Over Rows 8-10 x 3 supersetted with Straight Barbell Curls 8-10 x 3

Lat Pull-Downs 8-10 x 3 supersetted with Dumbbell Curls 8-10 x 3

Seated Low Cable Rows 8-10 x 3 supersetted with Hammer Curls 8-10 x 3

And I like to finish off with bicep curl dropsets on the cables. 8-10 x 3 (no rest between sets and reducing weight for each set).

Tuesday – Shoulders and Abs

Standing Military Press – 6-8 x 3

Seated Single Arm Dumbbell Press – 8-10 x 3

Lateral Raises – 8-10 x 3

Rear Delt Machine 8-10 x 3 supersetted with Front Raises 8-10 x 3

Weighted Ab Pull-downs on Cable crossover machine – 12-15 x 3 (LOVE these!  I am currently pulling 55-60kg on these.  It’s best to go super heavy.)

Lower Ab Raises on Roman Chair, balanced on bench or on the ground – 12-15 x 3

Bicycles but only focusing on one side at a time – 15 x 3 each side

Planks (if I have time) – 1 minute x 3 (increasing time held if possible)

Wednesday – Cardio (HIIT)/Plyo day

Sprints on the treadmill or in the park followed by plyos.  I do prefer to do my sprints outside because by actually propelling your own body, you’re obviously working harder.

Thursday – Chest & Triceps

Dips – To Failure x 3 (I do these unassisted and am busting out about 8-10 right now)

Dumbbell Bench Press – 8-10 x 3

Incline Dumbbell Bench Press –  8-10 x 3

Chest Flyes –  8-10 x 3

Tricep Overhead Rope Extension OR Skull-crushers  8-10 x 3

Cable Pull-down  8-10 x 3 (last set is a dropset, so 5 sets total, no rest between last 3 sets and decreasing weight each time).

Push-Ups – To Failure x 3

Friday – Legs & Glutes

Squats OR Leg Press if squat rack is taken :o(  – 8-10 x 3

Romanian Deadlifts –  8-10 x 3

Walking lunges with barbell (as heavy as I can get over my head!) – 8 (lunge, pulse up and down  x 3)

Leg Curl – 6-8 x 3

Leg Extension – 6-8 x 3

Hip Thrusters/ Weight Glute Bridge – 8-10 x 3

Weighted Hyper Extension (with emphasis on squeezing the glutes) –  8-10 x 3

And that’s it!  If you have any questions please feel free to comment!

5 thoughts on “My Current Training

  1. Thanks for posting your workout! There are enough similarities to what I’ve just started doing that I feel like I’ll get some good results too if I stick with it long enough. You mentioned cutting. Can you do this without losing muscle (most of what I read says you can’t)? Or, if you’re like me, can you lose extra fat–like 5-10 pounds–early on in a program and simultaneously gain muscle (or at least maintain the bit that’s there)?

    Thanks again–it’s really helpful for me to know what other gals are doing!

    • No problem! It is difficult to cut without losing muscle, but I’m doing it relatively slow so that I don’t lose too much muscle. That’s one reason why I don’t do a lot of cardio, because cardio is catabolic. Since you’re just starting out, you should be able to lose some fat while gaining muscle. This is called a “recomp.” You’re neither bulking nor cutting. But honestly, recomping is much slower. It’s quicker to do a bulk and then cut. Once I get my body super lean, I might go back to bulking. 🙂

  2. No kidding! I’m still trying to find my groove with my diet (in terms of how much I eat), cardio, and weight training. From what you are saying, it sounds like I’m recomping. I’d like to drop fat either at the same time or prior to bulking up because I don’t want to look puffier in the interim. Maybe that’s not a big issue because I don’t have much to lose, though. I was wondering–do you weigh yourself? It seems like it could be good for making sure that you’re not eating more than you think you are, but it also seems like a quick way to get obsessed and frustrated if the needle gets stuck. I’m trying to decide whether or not to monitor my weight…

    Keep posting stuff–your blog is motivating me because you’re a “real” person who’s had enough awesome results for me to think that I can, too! That’s something that doesn’t happen so much when I’m looking at the gals in fitness magazines 🙂

    • Keep trying to find your groove. This world involves much trial and error. I like to consider myself a science experiment. I’m always tweaking my carbs and fats and monitoring my energy levels and changes in my physique. Do you have a Bodyspace profile on That’s my favorite website and forum. Here’s a link to a post by one of the moderators, Emma-Leigh, about calculating your calorie and macro needs. She’s one smart cookie! Calculating Calorie Needs and Macronutrients

      No, I actually do not really weigh myself. I don’t have a scale here in London. If I did, I MIGHT weigh myself once a week. I think it’s best to try to avoid weighing yourself as much as possible. And when you DO weigh yourself, don’t look too far into the number that appears. If you decide to go forward with recomping, it will be best for you to pay attention to how your clothes fit and how your body looks. Take monthly progress pics to help you monitor changes. I’m sure you noticed my progress pics from my first blog post. I pretty much weighed the same in both photos, if not less in the first one, but my body looks completely different. Weight is just a number and it fluctuates greatly from day to day.

      Glad you’re enjoying the blog! I’ll keep it coming!

  3. Thanks for the link! I now have a profile with them. I suppose that I need to really figure out whether I want to recomp or bulk for the time being, seeing that it will make a difference in what I do. And, I think that you are right about the scale. My weight has increased slightly and despite the fact that I already like how my body is responding to working out, I do not like seeing that number go up while I still see excess fat in areas that I’m hoping to lose. My brain equates it with “am I eating to much?” even though my body is clearly telling me otherwise! I like the progress pic idea–that’s got to be the greatest motivator! Your progress pics are super inspiring; they are what seriously motivated me to get fit again.

    You mentioned not doing much cardio. Since then, I’ve found other places that discuss the lack of relationship between cardio and weight loss (including the blog you got the Gwyneth Paltrow info from). This has me really curious–now I have another topic that I’m vehemently searching for info on!

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