On The Way Home From the Gym…

Paper hands vs. Rock Hands and Captain Black Socks vs. the Foam Roller

Every day on the way home from the gym, my husband and I usually get into gym-related conversation.  The post-workout endorphins are flowing and we just like to let it all out.  Today’s topics of conversation were paper hands vs. rock hands while running and Captain Black Socks vs. the foam roller.

After our weight workouts today, my husband and I did some cardio.  He had made it to the cardio machines before I did and he was in the middle of a hard run.  I just nearly jumped on the elliptical directly in front of him and he gave me ‘the look.’  I know he likes to watch himself in the mirror while he runs…so I then selected a different elliptical machine to do my cardio.  Unfortunately, it was directly next to another woman and this is usually against my gym etiquette rules, especially if there are other machines available.  But I did it out of love!!! Plus, I got to watch him in the mirror while he was running and naturally I made critiques in my head. On our way home after the gym I told my husband that I think he runs funny.  He practically agreed with me and said “Thank you.  Now I feel self-conscious about my running.”  It’s only fair.  Ever since he told me I swing my arms too much and use “knife hands” when I run, I now tend to focus too much on these things during my runs rather than just trying to enjoy myself.  So then we get into a conversation about “paper hands vs. rock hands.”  Really, this is just a conversation about whether it’s better to run with your hands open or clenched in a fist when you run.  I like to run with my hands open, not clenched.  I feel like it takes more energy to clench my fists.  I especially like to keep them stiffly open when doing sprints.  Maybe it makes them more aerodynamic?  (Haha!) Obviously he seems to feel a bit differently on the subject.

Please note, it takes us about 5-7 minutes to walk from the gym to our apartment. These conversations don’t last very long. We swiftly move into a different direction with our chat…

My husband and I don’t really know anyone at our gym.  We see the same people every day, but we don’t take the time to get to know them and learn their names.  Therefore, we give them all goofy names of our own.  We like to call one character at our gym “Captain Black Socks.”  Without fail, the man always shows up to the gym in black socks.  And I think the term “Captain” comes from the fact that he’s very cocky, but in all honesty, has no reason to be.  He always walks into the gym with a chip on his shoulder, looking very angry and acting hardcore, but then he goes straight to the stretching mats and grabs a foam roller and foam rolls the crap out of himself!  Hardcore, huh?  The man does the same routine every day, and it always includes loads of crunches.  Frankly, it hasn’t done much for his physique.  Please learn from Captain Black Socks and don’t do the same thing every day…and don’t act like you own the gym unless you can back it up with a body of the gods.

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