Conquering Your Fear of the “Boys’ Room”

Once you girls have overcome your fear of actually picking up some weight and building some decent muscle, it’s time you overcome your fear of stepping into the “Boy’s Room,”  or in other words, the weight room.  This can be a very intimidating place for a female!  It’s even intimidating for me when I join a new gym and have to start from scratch.  They key is confidence. Whether you really have the confidence or not, act like you do.  Don’t let those men smell your fear.  If they do, they might walk all over you.  Here’s a list of things that I do to assert my dominance in the weight room, and I must admit, it pretty much ALWAYS works for me.  Of course, every now and then you get a new guy in your gym who doesn’t know better than to get out of your way, but he’ll learn fast enough.

1. Look like a bitch. Alright, alright, you don’t need to ACT like one.  Just kind of look like one.  I like to chew gum, wear headphones, and hardly make eye contact with anyone.  I don’t like to look too approachable because the weight room can become a chatty place, and honestly, I don’t care to chat.  I am there for one reason and one reason only…to train like a beast.

2. Go in with a plan. If you walk in to the weight room with a plan and move seamlessly from rack to rack or machine to machine, you will look like you know what you are doing.  Always have a backup plan in mind just in case a weight or machine that you had originally planned on using is being used by someone else at the moment.  This will also help you conserve time.  I like to be in and out of the gym in a relatively short period of time.  It’s not necessary to spend hours upon hours there.

3. Remember why you are there.  You are there to better yourself, not anyone else.  Remember that this is your time, so just focus on yourself and forget that there is anyone around you.  Everyone else in the gym is there to better themselves as well, and they too should be focusing on themselves only, so don’t worry about what anyone else is thinking.

Once you have established some sort of dominance in the weight room you will earn your respect from the big boys.  Frankly, they probably don’t care what you look like or how much you are lifting, they will just respect you because you ARE lifting.  Soon enough the men will be stepping out of your way not just to be polite to a female, but because they’re scared of your new massive guns!

2 thoughts on “Conquering Your Fear of the “Boys’ Room”

  1. This is exactly what I needed to read today! I just realized that my home workouts aren’t cutting it due to lack of decent equipment, and that I’ll have to use the weight room at the gym. I always get self-conscious exploring the “guys domain” (the free weights area) and needed the reassurance. Thanks!

    This is a great blog, btw. I hope that you post often!

    • I’m so glad my post helped to give you the confidence you need to get into the weight room! After your first trip in there you’ll be fine. You just have to take the leap of faith!

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